Euro trip‼️

So... where to start? I'm currently sitting in Our good friends apartment in beautiful Vienna after an 8 hour over night drive with little to no sleep, tired is an understatement! BUT HELL! It's rock and roll and these are the experiences that inspire songs and never forget! 

Tonight we're playing at The U4, this is a venue that has been a brief musical home to bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and even Prince! To say we fell lucky and privledge to play here is also an understandment! 

We're off to Nova Rock festival first to do an interview with Addicted to Rock before the show which should be cool! 

Then a day off tomorrow so we're going to spend it at the festival! Should be cool... Rag n Bone man, Greenday and David Hassellhoff. Need we say more?! 

The back to the UK so let's Catch you on Monday at Camden Assembly with Tyler Bryant and Tha Shakedown!


TL x

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