So if you follow us on our social media pages you will know will know how busy we have been over the winter, working hard both in and out of the studio preping our debut album "STARTING GUN"  with the arrival of the CD's Vinyl and limited run Tshirts everything is now signed, sealed and soon to be deliverd (on its release Febuary 16th 2018) to all the lovers of the fuzzy groove. Thank you to all that have already purchased copies of the album we appreciatete all the support you have give us and really without you it wouldnt have been possible.

if you havent already got your copy heres the link to get you hand on one and some limited run merch!!!











The fun and news doesn't stop there tho were going to be hitting the road hard this year, we will be heading to some venues we've played before but more excitingly many more we haven't.


heres a little glimps into what were going to be up to:










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